Bigger, prettier, handier.

Pompadour 2.0


A classic pompadour is a small, lumptious carry-on bag, which was only carried to special occasions. Decades ago, this bag was morphed into day-to-day functionality at Vieböck, as well as gifted a turn-inside-out-function. Nowadays we are making these bags in a way bigger size (53 x 45 cm) and out of 100 % linen. Back in the days they were either made with an in- or outside of cotton. 

Linen Shopping Bag: Pompadour

The new version of the bag consists of a jade green and an anthracite colour. These two colours compliment each other very well, which is why the bag doesn't just work as the perfect +1 for going shopping, but also as an eyecatcher.

It doesn't matter if you're strolling through the city or visiting a farmer's market, the new Vieböck-Pompadour has enough space for a huge purchase and is iconic in every way. 

IMPORTANT: Please take the metal handle off of the bag before washing it in the machine. We recommend washing the bags per hand.