Summer, Sun, Linen.

The temperatures are rising!

The Vieböck-collection consists of many home textiles which are especially essential on hot days. On that note, we would like to call linen a true "summer product"! When using linen you are succesfully fighting back against outside heatwaves and uncomfortable nights in your bedroom.

Summertime with Linen

Linen to the rescue - hot summer nights:


Are you still sweating or already asleep?

Multiple times a year we are robbed of our precious sleep because of the unbearable heat. The high temperatures during the summer create an uncomfortable atmosphere in your own bedroom, which is why you can't recharge your energy. This minimizes you over all life quality.


Pure linen is especially breathable and moisture regulating, though - which leads us to our Vieböck-bedding. Linen bedding is able to support the process of cooling down, even during the summer heat.

Especially top sheets out of very fine linen are popular fighters against the summer heat.


Don't miss the opportunity of discovering the true power of linen this summer!

The perfect plus-one on the beach.


Laying on linen:

Sometimes you have to take a break: After cooling down in the water, during a hike or when picknicking. These cases are the perfect opportunity to wrap yourself and the floor in linen. Bath towels, beach towels, picknick blankets, ... The Vieböck linen towels offer generous dimensions and enable you to relax and make yourself comfortable anywhere you want.


Outfits for the summer!


Our eco linen fabrics are made into lightweight, airy clothes. With shirts, blouses and tops from Vieböck You are wearing high-quality, thin linen on your skin, which ensures keeping your cool during the summer.


If you have the opportunity we would like to suggest visiting us to make sure you get the right size!