Pure linen ensures cooling down.


During hot and uncomfortable nights our bedrooms seem to turn into literal hell, which is why we can't find any rest.

Vieböck has a perfectly balanced product palette to help you survive the hottest season.


Top sheets: How to cool down in the summer.

The pure linen top sheet.


These top sheets are usually under the covers or as a very light blanket.

Pure linen is especially breathable and moisture regulating: This beneficial feature of linen enables the wished for cooling effect and therefore the well deserved rest you've been longing for.


7,2 hours per day

An austrian tends to sleep around 7,2 hours a day. That means that we spend a third of our life in bed.

Linen bedding helps you improve your sleep and therefore your overall wellbeing.



More and more people care about the origin, the processing and the materials of their fabrics. The linen-weaving-mill Vieböck mainly uses flax from FranceBelgium and the Netherlands. Every Vieböck-fabric and every Vieböck-hometextil is made in Helfenberg.