A region close to our hearts.


Helfenberg as the home of our traditions and linen-craft is extremely important to Vieböck. Most consumers are questioning the origin and components of their textiles. These days, it is overly difficult to figure that out. Vieböck-Linen is able to answer these questions without any concerns or remorse, because of the fondness for their region, as well as their strong feelings regarding sustainability. Every metre of fabric (whether it is pure linen, organic linen, half linen, mixed fabrics) is produced on site without exceptions. Our seamstresses Christine, Andrea, Carmen and Ulli work with our high-quality linen in our own sewing department. Environmental awareness, transparency and fairness are rooted deeply in the linen weavery's principles. We aren't giving a single thought to changing this mindset or leaving our precious and beloved Helfenberg.

Vieböck-Linen: The Regional Ace

The entire team of Vieböck-Linen congratulates our fellow winners in other categories! Popular and big firms like Fussl Modestraße and Neoom Group are proof that we are in admirable company on the podium and increase the value of the award even more.

We owe special thanks and appreciation to our costumers, who ensure that we are able to produce sustainable linen products under fair conditions since 1832.