The correct care.

In order to gain long-term joy with your linen textiles, it is of huge importance to take care of the fabrics the right way. We need to ask you to take the following care-instructions to heart.


Faults which have been caused by the wrong care, will not be the responsibility of Leinenweberei Vieböck GmbH. Vieböck does not have to reimburse the affected products.



A mild detergent.

Please make sure to avoid any aggressive detergents and bleach. We recommend using a soft, liquid detergent without any damaging chemicals.


Linen itself has an antibacterial characteristic, which makes the fabric dirt- and dust-repellent. The natural material doesn't have to be washed as often thanks to that. You also need way less detergent to clean the fabric,


It is of great importance to only use the lowest spin-drying options!


Low spin-tours (400 to 600, max) protect the fibres and prolong the life-expectancy of the fabric!