Soaking up
Sun and Energy.

Laying on semi linen.

Day-trips, short trips and long vacations serve the purpose of giving us the possibilty to recharge. During planned or spontaneous adventures, the new semi linen beach towel with a diamond pattern shouldn't be missing in your travel bag!


Treat yourself with some me-time: With this new Vieböck-Towel you are able to put the world on pause for a while - doesn't matter if you are on the beach, at the lake, in a park or even hiking. Place the high-quality semi linen wherever you are in need of a break; breath in and fire up your holiday spirit.

Semi Linen Diamond Towel

The lovely semi linen diamond.


Originally our popular Vieböck-diamond was only available as a pure linen fabric. Now this traditional and homely pattern is also available as a semi linen. Next to it's charming looks, the fabric 504HL also offers a special softness.


These characteristics are what makes our new beach towel to a comfortable retreat from the world, which recharges your energy.

This eyecatcher of a beach towel is available WITH or WITHOUT frays.