Regional presents.


At Vieböck we are making high-quality linen products from scratch. Questioning the origin of products is a very important skill and has become part of shopping - when purchasing any textile from Vieböck, you won't have to worry about that.


To show your costumers and your staff appreciation, a regional linen present is definitely the right choice. A sustainable present made of linen is not only durable, but also looks very lovely and high-end -

especially if you choose to brand your products and make them personal!

Sustainable Presents

Individual linen gifts.


Your preferred Vieböck-products can be costumized by stitching your logo or a slogan/text onto the fabric. The gifted person will always know where they got their handy textile - furthermore, a stitch always looks tasteful and stylish.

A minimalistic version of branding products, the individual labels, can also be sewed onto the products, of course.


Our most popular linen presents include:

Dish- and glass towels

Bread pouches and bread  baskets

Beach- and sauna towels


... and much more!



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