One linen package.
Many linen presents.

Perfect for your loved ones.

This already wrapped gift offers a variety of neutral coloured products, which makes it suitable for every furnishing, modern or traditional. Preferences may differ, but this selection of linen products almost satisfies everyone's taste. Make your loved ones happy and gift them this handy, iconic linen collection from Upper Austria (a price reduction due to the set purchase is included).

Vieböck Starter Kit

The starter kit includes:


1x big waffle cloth, 70 x 200 cm

"800" bright grey

50 % linen & 50 % cotton


1x towel, 50 x 100 cm

"504HL" green

50 % linen & 50 % cotton


4x napkin with an elegant seam, 40 x 40 cm

"275ö" white

100 % eco linen


1x polishing cloth

"606S" natural + cream coloured stripes

100 % linen


1 x dishcloth

"799" + yellow seam

100 % linen

The obsession with packaging when giving each other presents produces a lot of unecessary trash. An ecological countermeasure from Vieböck shines as the packaging of this starter kit: The striking towel 504HL.

This exciting combination of sustainable linen products covers many areas of your house and completes the collection of must-haves in your household. The Vieböck-starter kit is a great opportunity to get in touch with linen, to test new products and to give an important person in your life a present which comes from the heart.