• width 150 cm or 190 cm
  • weight 380 g or 480 g per meter
  • Material 100 % linen
  • finishing prewashed
  • shrinkage max. 4%
  • MQO 1 m
  • price on demand
342 - Coloured Linen

The linen-rainbow.

The linen fabric 342 has played an important role in the Vieböck-collection for a long time now. The colours of this ecological linen get worked on and redefined every year. When reaching a certain purchase quantity, we will gladly dye this pure linen individually - according to your personal preferences and wishes.


In a diversity of areas in every household, textiles of this colourful linen are of use regularly: Medium heavy linen-bedding for a restful sleep. Linen-curtains, which perform as an eyecatcher in every home. Table-linen (linen-napkins, linen-tablecloths, linen-sets, ...), because the eye's hunger should be satisfied as well. Linen-clothing (linen-suits, linen-trousers, linen-dresses, ...) for every occasion.



The colouring process of this linen takes place in Lower Austria and is executed by Textilveredelung Gmünd (TVG).


Agony of choice? We will gladly send you a package of up to 5 fabric samples for free. If you are interested in one of our sustainable linen-articles from Upper Austria, just click on the heart next to the colour of your liking.


The colours 01-white and 00-natural are also available with a width of 190cm.



The linen-weaving Vieböck mainly uses flax from France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Every fabric and hometextile is woven and processed in our facility in Helfenberg.


  • Use much water.

    Use much water and fill up the washing mashine just with half volume.
  • Do not use a optical whitener.

    Please use a light-duty detergent. The detergent should not contain any optical whitener or bleach.
  • Spin-drying programme

    Select the lowest spin-drying programme (400-600 roundes per minute).
  • Wash with maximum of 40 ° C

    Wash dyed linen with maximum of 40 ° C.
  • Shrinkage

    The linen fabric is prewashed. Shrinkage: max. 4%
342 - Coloured Linen Honey