• Width coloured linen 150 cm
  • width white & natural linen 190 cm
  • Material 100% linen
  • Napkin 3 CM hem 40 x 40 cm
  • Napkin 1 cm hem 45 x 45 cm
  • table cloth individual sizes
  • Finishing prewashed
  • shrinkage 4 %
  • Price on demand
342 - Colourful tablecloth

Dinner with linen...

The way to ones heart goes through the stomach.

However, eating is a visual pleasure too!


With a "Vieböck tablecloth" you skyrocket the fancyness of your table and home.



You are able to request tablecloth in any dimension of your liking.

We are looking forward to reading your emails (office@vieboeck.at).


  • Use much water.

    Use much water and fill up the washing mashine just with half volume.
  • Do not use a optical whitener.

    Please use a light-duty detergent. The detergent should not contain any optical whitener or bleach.
  • Spin-drying programme

    Select the lowest spin-drying programme (400-600 roundes per minute).
  • Wash with maximum of 60 ° C

    We recommend 60°C washing temperature.
342 - Colourful tablecloth dark blue