• Fabric width 150 cm
  • washglove 20 x 15 cm
  • guesttowel 30 x 50 cm
  • handtowel 45 x 100 cm
  • showertowel 70 x 140 cm
  • bathtowel 110 x 140 cm
  • saunatowel 70 x 200 cm
  • picnic-blanket 150 x 210 cm
  • finishing prewashed
  • material 100 % cotton
  • Price on demand
801 - Cotton honey comb

Cotton honey comb.


The thick linen fabric "801" is very absorbent. The Vieböck-seamstresses produce the following hometextiles of this fabric: wash gloves, guest towels, hand towels, shower towels, bath towels and sauna towels.


Also get to know our semi linen honey comb 800.


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Cotton honey comb towels 801



Enjoy the special peeling-effect.


Linen is a absorbent and natural material. Please wash the towels 2 - 3 times before usage, ensuring that the linen can develope the full suction.


More and more people care about the origin, the processing and the materials of their fabrics.

The linen-weaving-mill Vieböck mainly uses flax from France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Every Vieböck-fabric and every Vieböck-hometextil is made in Helfenberg.





  • Use much water.

    Use much water and fill up the washing mashine just with half volume.
  • Do not use a optical whitener.

    Please use a light-duty detergent. The detergent should not contain any optical whitener or bleach.
  • Spin-drying programme

    Select the lowest spin-drying programme (400-600 roundes per minute).
  • Wash with maximum of 60 ° C

    We recommend 60°C washing temperature.
801 - Cotton honey comb Nature