• width 50 or 100 cm
  • weight 260g / m²
  • finishing supertex
  • MQO 1 m
  • shrinkage max. 8%
  • Material 100% linen
  • price on demand
504RL - The beautiful Vieböck-Diamond

Shine bright like a Diamond.


The traditional Vieböck linen fabric is woven to a width of 50 cm and 100 cm.

The smaller width offers many more colours than the broader version, though. The 100cm-broad fabric only has 40-yellow, 80-green and 82-light green in stock.


This pattern exists since the 1940s and is often renewed with new colours. The thick linen yarns of this pure linen fabric make sure that the cloths are especially absorbent. When washing the fabric it is possible that the dimensions will shrink up to 10,00 %.


This linen diamond can be purchased as meterwise, but also as:

dish towels, hand towels, guest towels, hammam-peeling-cloth, ...


This fabric can also be used for making:

bath towels, shower towels, sauna towels

Furthermore, we have already made napkins out of this linen multiple times.


You are able to find the semi linen version of this cloth here:

504HL - the beautiful semi linen diamond


On request we will gladly send you up to 5 fabric samples free of charge to give you an opportunity of building your own opinion on our fabrics. Get to know our fabric-sample-service.


The linen-weaving-mill Vieböck mainly uses flax from France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Every Vieböck-fabric and every Vieböck-hometextil is made in Helfenberg.



  • Use much water.

    Use much water and fill up the washing mashine just with half volume.
  • Do not use a optical whitener.

    Please use a light-duty detergent. The detergent should not contain any optical whitener or bleach.
  • Spin-drying programme

    Select the lowest spin-drying programme (400-600 roundes per minute).
  • Wash with maximum of 60 ° C

    We recommend 60°C washing temperature.
504RL - The beautiful Vieböck-Diamond Meadow