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The history of the family enterprise Vieböck


1832  Founding of the weaving mill through Franz Viehböck "in der Gruab", location Schönegg
ca. 1870Joseph Viehböck takes over the company
ca. 1901
Taking over the weaving mill from Leopold Vieböck. The "h" of Vieböck was lost by issuing the certificate of baptism
House moving to Helfenberg 22. Selling of fabrics, production of weaving warps. The weaving warps were given to home weavers for further manufactoring. The home weavers gave back the woven fabric to Vieböck and they earned the weaving salary. Important and pathbreaking changement under Leopold Vieböck: the fabrics have got "article numbers" and a complete collection was created. Each article of the collection could be re-woven in the same optic.
Heinrich Vieböck is taking over the company and he builts a new factory building.
Implementing the current version of company building with about 20 mechanical weaving looms. In the meantime the weaving mill operation changed from homework to work in the factory.
1964       Death of Heinrich Vieböck. His wife Christl Vieböck and his daughter Christine continue the leading of the weaving mill.
Christine Vieböck takes over the factory. Additionally a sales room is built. The company culture changes from production company to service company because customer wishes are considered. A lot of projects are developed and implemented.
Johann Kobler is the follower of weaving master Josef Fuchs. The weaving of traditional linen- and cotton fabrics is developed further. Furthermore technical demanding tissues emerge.

Installation of a climate and humidifier in the weaving room to achieve an ecological and environment friendly production. Current modernizing of the weaving mashines and other equipment.

2005Restyling of the entrance area as well as extension and re designing the sales room in Helfenberg.

Vieböck is celebrating 175 years. The long-time weaving master Johann Kobler and the investor MMag. Hannes Böck are taking over the company. Management director is Johann Kobler.

Restructuring of the fabric control and extension of the sewing room.
Member of IVN (International Community of natural textile). This guarantees a prodution according to high ecological standards with responsibility of humans and environment.

Certification according to the standards of GOTS (Global Organic Standard) and IVN Best (International Association of Natural Textile Industry)


The weaving mill Vieböck is 180 years old.


Extension of the organic collection GOTS und IVN Best. Execution of the program "health promotion" as a part of funded project of the Upper Austrian health insurance.


Extension of the collection with linen/virgin wool fabric.


Johann Kobler celebrates 10 years as Managing director. BGF - State Price Winner 2017.