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Raw material

The flax which we use stem from France and the Netherlands. The spinning is done in Hungary, Italy, Lithuania or Tunisia. The fine yarn is "wet spun" to impart a smoother, shiny appearance. The suppliers try to keep the transport ways as short as possible. The outsourcing of processing steps to Far East or China is a strict no-no!

We take great care to ensure that the linen fibre we use is grown in an environmentally sustainable way and grown under certified biological control (kbA). But the purchasing of biological linen yarn - especially the fine yarn - is frequently very difficult. Also the price is - because of the lower demande and the higher amount of work - about one third higher than the conventional yarn.

The yarn from biological cultivation (kbA) is certificated according to the standards of GOTS and IVN.  We only use pre-bleached and/or natural coloured yarns and for the organic linen we resign completely the full bleach and chemical colours. We offer already some fabrics with 100 % vegetable dyed yarn.

Flax has grown for thousands of years, and always with great respect for the environment. Flax is a plant that grows naturally, and needs very few chemicals. Few or no fertilizers and/or pesticides are being used compared to other crops. Despite that in the conventional cultivation is not everything biological.  Hower - the danger of mono culture is not given because you can plant flax only all five to seven years on the same field.

Beside that -  linen (flax) is the ONLY organic natural fibre which comes from Western Europe!!